Maggie Mae’s Corner

Maggie Mae is a very special dog. She was born on October 20, 2007 and came to live with me in January 2008. As one of my students said, “Of course she’d be named for a book.” Because Maggie Mae was so tiny with an outgoing personality, she reminded me of the Maggie in my friend, author Jean van Leeuwen’s book, “Wait for Me,” said Maggie McGee.

Maggie Mae is so beloved in our town that she was featured in the Chappaqua Children’s Book Festival mural painted by Sophie Mendelson.

Randi Childs photography

Maggie Mae Pup Reporter

In 2010 Maggie Mae was asked to write a column for the local magazine, Inside Chappaqua because she was such a curious dog! She became known as Maggie Mae Pup Reporter.

Maggie Mae gave great advice to humans and canines in her very first column in the June 2010 issue of the magazine. She went on to regale readers with insightful counsel and an astute view of the goings-on around her.

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